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Customized bracelets and composable Très-Jolie necklaces

Discover the all Très-Jolie Brosway collection! Choose a bracelet or a necklace, select the charms you like the most and create your own composable necklace with your name initials or your own composable bracelets. You will be able to create your own customized jewels by choosing among lots of Très Jolie Brosway charms. Make your own bracelet or necklace original and unique! Precious metals like sterling steel and silver combined with precious gems to give shape to exclusive jewels that convey a message, a wish or a declaration.

Composable bracelets for woman: create you own customized bracelet with charm and pendants

Composable bracelets to customize with all kind of beads and pendants: a letter, a symbol or a zodiac sign, to get a one-of-a-kind and incomparable jewel that tells the most important moments of your life. The Très Jolie Brosway bracelets can be worn alone or combined to create wonderful bracelets that look glamour and trendy. Personalize your bracelets with the beads and charms you prefer and create your own composable bracelets with phrases or symbols such as a heart, a star, the life tree, the infinity symbol or simply with your name initial.

Available in different colors, you can create your own composable bracelet with letters, your name initials or the name of your better half. Amazing jewels with harmonic forms and fine details that will highlight every woman’s charm. Choose the customized bracelet that represents you the most among the Brosway collection and, in addition to our silver bracelets, you will also find splendid rigid bracelets to finish even the most casual outfits.

Composable bracelets for woman: necklaces with composable letters

Express your personality in total freedom with your composable necklace to personalize with charms that emphasize your style. A necklace is the perfect jewel to wear with every outfit, sporty as well as elegant, for special occasions or every day. Choose the jewel that more represents you and create your own personalized necklace. Playing with your own look is very important, you will make you outfit unique and curated in every detail.

Choose the necklace, select the charms that suit you better and create your composable necklace with your name initial or the composable bracelets. One-of-a-kind jewels that convey a message, a wish or a declaration. A symbol of feelings to offer as a promise of timeless joy and peace of mind. You will be able to compose your personalized jewels by using our beautiful Brosway beads and pendants to give a touch of originality to your bracelet or your necklace. Create your necklace with composable letters and names.

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