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With minimal or sinuous forms, decorated with white or colored crystals, band rings are the hand’s real protagonists, that can express the personality of their owners at its best. An accessory that can give and additional touch of style to your outfit by keeping at the same time its versatility.

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Sterling silver and pvd rose gold rings

We propose you silver band rings of the Brosway collections to celebrate a special occasion, an important moment or simply to wear a special object. Pure emotions that become symbols of special promises and unique occasions. In the Brosway ring collection you will find highly sophisticated band rings with colored and precious stones. Jewels realized with exquisite materials and shiny stones with an elegant and trendy stile. Perfect to be worn on special occasions as well for everyday look.

Large or thin band ring, or also three band rings: choose the form that you like the most

In addition to different materials, such as sterling silver, sterling steel or brass, you will have the chance to choose among lots of available forms and thicknesses: simple band rings, thick band rings, braided band rings or amazing three band rings. Combined with bracelets or necklaces, they can form gorgeous parures in the warm tonalities of gold and rose gold, or in the brighter ones of silver and steel. Discover all the jewels of the Brosway collections and be always in the spotlight.

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3 Item(s)

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