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A must-have jewel to wear every day and on every occasion: a heart, a star or a lucky symbol, each expresses your personality traits. The necklaces with symbol are the perfect jewels both as a gift for someone special and as a personal purchase. Each Brosway jewel is characterized by the presence of a particular pendant or design, which recalls a particular symbol. To be combined with any kind of look, the silver necklaces and the Brosway steel necklaces are real must haves for a winning look.

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Long necklaces and necklaces with a symbol of infinity

Models with an elegant and trendy style, exclusive creations intended for those who always want to show an impeccable and richly detailed look. Refined long necklaces with 925 sterling silver pendants, embellished with white crystals or colored crystals. Choose from the various models with infinity-shaped pendant or swarovski crystal combined with earrings. Necklaces with the symbol of infinity represent eternity, power and eternal love. Choose your necklace with infinite among the many jewels of the Brosway collections.

Necklaces with feather-shaped pendant or hand-held pendant by Fatima

If you want to add a touch of youthful freshness to your look, the feather necklace or necklace with anchor is the right choice. Brosway jewels with pendant are ideal to wear with all kinds of outfits, both day and night. If instead you are looking for a jewel symbol of luck, love, patience, joy, wealth and prosperity, the necklace with the hand of Fatima will satisfy the needs of your every look. Beyond the necklace with the symbol of the hand of Fatima, the necklace with four-leaf clover is also the jewel symbol of luck and a good omen for the future.

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30 Item(s)

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