necklaces women's Light Point

A special highlight for every look, the light necklaces are perfect to illuminating the charm of every woman. The goal, in fact, is to shine with simplicity. Choose from the many models in silver or steel, all with a pendant that can be of different shapes or with a precious stone.

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Silver necklaces with light point, illuminates the face of every woman

Made of 925 silver, the Brosway women's necklaces are the ideal accessory to enhance your every look. Very simple necklaces but at the same time with unique elegance. A silver light point necklace is a very versatile jewel and can be worn daily. It fits perfectly even to the most elegant and formal looks.

Necklaces with steel light point

Light point chokers in pvd gold or pink gold pvd. Choose from the many models with Swarovski elements crystals or precious stones, to combine with rings, earrings and bracelets. A light point choker is the perfect gift for any woman's special occasions. A discreet but strong impact ornament that will make every moment you wear it unique.

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