earrings women's Stud

Discreet but fascinating, stud earrings are a very simple detail which is at the same time very impactful. You can perfectly combine them with every outfit and they give the right touch of personality even to the most casual looks. Thanks to their captivating design, they are the perfect jewels for every day’s look as well as for important evenings. The small stud earrings are perfect for all women with middle-short haircut, otherwise they would be hidden by the hair and could not be seen. Stud earrings may however be worn by anyone who wants to give style and elegance to all kind of outfit and complete it in the perfect way. Try to combine the pendant earrings with bracelets and necklaces, create your own personal style: ever changing looks always in line with the latest trends.

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925 sterling silver and steel stud earrings

Small, big, thick or thin, the earrings of the Brosway collections are available in different materials, colors and with gemstones. Realized in 925 sterling silver, Brosway stud earrings are always trendy. Lots of variations and colors to complete every look and give that touch of style that makes everyday moment special. In addition to materials and different colors, Brosway also offers plenty of forms to wear and combine: heart-shaped stud earrings, stud earrings with crystals or with shiny daisies are only some of the available models. Do not miss the opportunity to wear a Brosway jewel.

Round and long stud earrings, bright and sophisticated

A Brosway jewel is exactly what it takes to make even every day’s outfit totally different. With their colors, stones and brightness, Brosway jewels will highlight your features and your elegance with an unparalleled style. Round stud earrings, PVD golden round stud earrings or small stud earrings: choose your sterling silver or steel earrings and shine with pure passion!

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