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A lucky symbol, a zodiac sign or a letter: always carry with you a bracelet that best represents your whole world and that expresses all the nuances of your personality. Choose the symbol you prefer among religious, mystical symbols, dedicated to love, lucky charms, animals and many others.

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Bracelet with tree of life and bracelet with infinity. discover the chakra collection

There are things that we don't see and don't hear, but that influence our life. A collection of amulets that awaken our energy, our dreams and our emotions. Discover the Brosway Chakra collection and you will find many women's bracelets with symbols of different meanings. From mystical ones such as the tree of life bracelet or the bracelet with hand of Fatima to those with lucky symbols such as the bracelet with a four-leaf clover or the bracelet with a ladybug. Choose the jewel that best represents you and have fun experimenting with earrings and necklaces. Make your outfit unique and accurate in every detail.

Anchor bracelets and star bracelets with shapes and colors

If you want a jewel that makes your look truly exclusive and trendy, Brosway offers you its collections of bracelets with particular symbols. In the Chakra collections you will find bracelets with symbols like stars, anchors, symbols of peace and many others. Original jewels with an attractive design, made with precious materials such as silver, swarovski crystals and natural stones. If you want a bracelet with a distinctive symbol in the Chakra Brosway collections you can find what you are looking for. Discover the bracelet with heart symbol, the bracelet with letter or zodiac sign.

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