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If you are unsure about the right size of your ring, Brosway offer you a simple guide for choosing the right size to buy.
Buying a ring of the right size is never easy and especially if it is a gift it is essential to have a very accurate ring size chart.
There are several ways to understand which is the right size for your ring, you can choose between the ones we offer you and then you will see which one you find most comfortable with.
Follow our advice and if in doubt about any of our products you can contact us from the contact page.


Ring sizes table

In the following table you will find indications on ring measurements with reference to the National Standard System. Consult the table to find both sizes for men’s rings and sizes for women’s rings.

5,516 mm50 mm
616,5 mm52 mm
6,7517,2 mm54 mm
7,517,8 mm56 mm
8,2518,5 mm58 mm
919,2 mm60 mm
1019,8 mm62 mm
8,7518,5 mm59 mm
9,519,5 mm61 mm
10,520 mm63 mm
1120,6 mm65 mm
11,7521,2 mm67 mm


Measure a ring you already have

One of the fastest ways, and which will allow you to choose the ring size without failing, is to calculate the circumference of a ring that you already have. Compare the result with the table data and you can choose the right size for you. In fact, each model is available in different sizes and it is important to choose the one on which you will be wearing the ring.


Measure the circumference of your finger

In the event that you do not have a ring from the Brosway collection you can measure, you can take the measurement of your finger circumference with a tape measure, place it around your finger, compare the circumference with the ones in the table and then calculate the diameter and compare it with the diameter of the ring that must be the same.


Advice and suggestions

The choice of size also depends on the style of the ring, for a band model it is preferable to increase the size by 2 measures compared to the one normally worn.


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