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After receiving the order confirmation from the Company, the Customer may submit the payment in one of the following ways:


– Credit Card ((Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, Aura e JCB)

Security of the payments: The payment transaction takes place on a secure page using Braintree

Why I cannot make the payment or not Is it accepted?
Don’t worry, there are various reasons why this can happen:
– Check that the details of the card are correct (for example, the date of issue and the type of card);
– Make sure you have typed the security code correctly (ie the three digits on the back of the card);
– Your credit institution may have refused the payment;
– for security reasons we are not given more information about it, so you should contact them, make sure you have activated the 3d secure code on your card (ie the temporary code that is sent via SMS to your mobile to make payment in total security) ), otherwise contact your credit institution to activate it. If the problem persists, enter the details of another card and try again. If you could not resolve, send an email to our customer service to customerservice-usa@brosway.com providing as much information as possible (including any error messages), and we will give you further suggestions.

Can I pay on delivery or by bank transfer?
At the moment we do not accept cash payments or bank transfers, but all rechargeable credit/debit cards belonging to the Visa or MasterCard circuits in addition to PayPal.

Is the purchase in your store safe?
are forwarded to third parties. All data received is subject to strict data protection regulations. The transmitted data will be used exclusively to offer a personalized service and to facilitate purchases and navigation. The use of cookies is carried out to personalize and adapt the products and services to the wishes of customers. The user can still choose whether to enable or disable cookies, without negatively affecting the course of future transactions. Is my personal data safe and the flow of data transmitted by the user, such as the credit card number, are protected and encrypted thanks to the use of special system protocols (SSL). To protect the Customer’s purchases with a credit card, each order will be required to enter the CVV code. Thanks to this security system, the Customer’s credit card data will be totally illegible to third parties.